The children’s English training is very hot for the brand to earn a

English to grab from the baby, which has been recognized by most parents, so the two years of children’s English training market is very hot, is the focus of investor attention. From the current development situation, Chinese children’s English education and training is still in its infancy, China education market is huge, but still a lot of opportunities, education will be more intense competition in the market, the industry will enter the competition strength and the size of the enclosure era.

The world’s leading CLIL content and language integrated learning

The school is located in

pure teaching environment

Aibei International Children’s English carefully from North America and other English speaking countries, choose authoritative TESOL, TEFL certified teachers, the whole teaching English. Each teacher Aibei International Children’s English has a high level of literacy education occupation, solid theoretical foundation and rich teaching experience, and a strong sense of responsibility and love, in our children, is receiving the English teaching more pure, more comprehensive.

24 hours of the United States synchronized online courseware, 24 hours a full range of teaching services, providing children with the opportunity to learn and review the weather, you can ensure that the amount of input. Coupled with a variety of ECA theme activities, so that children do not go abroad can enjoy authentic American class, learning English as simple as the mother tongue.

2015 May 27th, Pearson Aibei is awarded the professional evaluation system, the evaluation team let Aibei have the opportunity to work with world-class professional, to provide professional English language ability test for Aibei students. And the establishment of "Pearson &   Aibei evaluation center, the evaluation center will help more children Chinese skilled use of English language, enjoy the evaluation of professional resources, to lead the children to the world. And cultivate more excellent teachers with high level of teaching ability.

Aibei International Children’s English adhere to the "selection of a person, make a point" principle, from the brand building, facilities and equipment, teaching system, selection and preparation, system training, remote support and school Bangdai, 60 aspects of the 5 modules of the whole Party recommended

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