How to open a brand clothing store site popularity highest

clothing industry contains a huge business opportunities, gathered a lot of investors eyes. More and more people join the clothing store. So how to choose the most popular brand clothing store location? Let us take a look at the opening of a brand clothing store easy to make money when the boss how to site.

open brand clothing store location one, the best shops in the place where people gather.

Near the

theatre, cinema, parks and other places of entertainment, or near large factories, organs, so that one can attract the entry of pedestrians, on the other hand, customers are more likely to remember the shop location, and to the customer to people, it should be easier to guide people to patronize him. In addition, the development of the commercial district, the expansion of the residential area and the construction of the municipal planning, will bring more customers to the store, and make it more potential for development.

brand clothing store location two, preferably in the area of convenient transportation.

ideal state shops or commercial markets should have access to a variety of visitors to the transport facilities, that is, the surrounding shops have rail transportation, bus stations, but also with a parking lot. In the vicinity of the main station, or on the street where the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes. Observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road, the choice of more pedestrian side is more conducive to business.

open brand clothing store location three, to choose less side of the street or obstacles.

most of the time, when pedestrians pay attention to your shop, but because of the need to cross the road up to patronize, or pedestrians to cross the street, and concentrated to avoid pedestrians or other vehicles, while ignoring the side of the shop.

brand clothing store location four, according to the business to select the address.

shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Some shops require a large flow of people in the area, such as women’s clothing brand stores, small supermarkets, but not all the shops are open for the huge crowds of people places, such as health shops and service centers for the elderly, is suitable in remote and quiet places, recent attention is more suitable for the community shops opened shop.

open brand clothing store location five, to learn to come close to the big bang".

is the shop opened in the famous chain stores or brand women’s clothing store nearby, the conditions permit, and even can be opened next to it. For example, if you want to run a restaurant, shop around McDonald’s and kfc. Because of these famous foreign fast food shop in the choice before have done a lot of detailed market survey, next to their shop, not only can save investigation >

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