Taobao store how to gather high popularity

if you are ten years ago opened a Taobao store, then congratulations, your shop is naturally very high reputation, business is definitely a certain security. For entrepreneurs to start, the most difficult thing is to open a home Taobao poly popularity.

How to carry out propaganda /

A, by the time of issue and the recommended window always let your baby displayed on the home page of

that you have not thought if you put the baby released at a time, then to the end of time, your baby will all go to the front, but at other times, but had disappeared. What do you do, put your baby from batch release, 24 hours a day, except the night, more than and 12 hours and you one hour a day of the release, then the end of the seven day, 12 hours, every hour of your baby in the home.

2, select the release tips baby + time

The first is the choice of

3, multi post, write posts, replies

I have an empty

, write more posts, the best is a good idea to write, like free said, so I want to write the best! This will be like in the best experience to learn the champion! Of course post, write post, reply, must understand the community rules yo, not to an advertisement in the community, or just want to deduct the coin, or delete your post, we should pay attention to the


4, active participation in community activities

Community almost every page are not regular will hold some activities, such as: experience in the arena are fox community announcements or other activities, what. Can be based on their own strength. Selective participation. It’s good to take part in more meaningful activities. Even if there is no final award. But you also know more friends in the middle of the activity.

will let more people know you. Recommended

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