VR has become beyond the traditional model of the hottest point on the track of investors and entrep

in early 2016, after participating in the CES teacher Xu Xiaoping lamented that the experience brought about by the VR to us, into the consumer line of sight too late. VR development so far, from a technical point of view has been able to benefit users, everyone should experience the VR products, commercial products too little." In just the past 2016 Google I/O conference, Google launched a virtual reality (VR) platform Daydream. It can be seen, along with the VR business model is gradually forming, the earnings scale increases gradually, the industrial development route is increasingly clear, this emerging industry has received the national policy and the traditional Internet giants attention, at present the main technology companies continue to introduce new products to the world of virtual reality, VR Market was undeniably capital darling.

in May 19th, the Qing Branch Group investment community Salon "visual storm, looking for the next outlet, investors and entrepreneurs in depth analysis of the status of the industry, to explore the virtual reality market prospects, and the breadth of VR application can be extended in the future.


+ + + resource direction trend of VR and AR in the field of investment in "indecisive"

Although the

VR and AR in the market by the Blitz, but in fact, when investment institutions to invest in this field at present are mostly "see more, less investment, in the roundtable discussion session, vice president Lv Zhuorong of capital investors first to ask such a question," as VR, AR industry is relatively early, investors how to judge the investment worth of a project? An early project, you vote or not vote for what

? "

innovation Valley Cci Capital Ltd partner Yu Bo believes that the current market fiery, from the investor’s point of view, we want to find the best opportunity, is some relatively early have voted in other cases, there may be a cross field of things. This is not as hot as the track, easy to be big spike.

from technology, industry application trend point of view, enlightenment star of Beijing Cci Capital Ltd Xu Jingbo added two investors in carry out investment in the field of VR when considering, "with the trend up, first do pay attention to products whether there is technological change, not necessarily the other not to enter, but you can put some good capital operation take over; the second is to do the content of the content should have core resources. With these two core requirements, but also to see which direction he looked forward to see if he did this thing is not related to the experience and background, as well as look back."

Dr. Yao Yiping

of Shenzhen Venture Capital Group Research Center said, we are more concerned about some of the core algorithm of the hardware, such as VR video recording, in fact, should be the driving software and algorithm of the company. For special attention to the content of the entrepreneurial team, Dr. Yao Yiping think to do some video, is still high cost, low income, these parties

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