Zhu Xiaohu entrepreneurs rely on the presence of giant traffic and cash dependence

NetEase science and technology news June 28th news, jointly sponsored by the NetEase science and technology and NetEase news, the third NetEase future technology summit in Beijing today, the hotel successfully held. The theme of the summit is to force · perception "(Force· Sense), the internal driving force to explore the development of business and technology, as well as perceived VR/AR, artificial intelligence and intelligent travel in areas such as the future.

Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu participated in the "interactive nature and force of venture capital investment in the Internet discussion, Zhu Xiaohu, just need to choose, for entrepreneurs need to get out of the comfort zone, but not the pursuit of the concept.

said the capital changes this year, Zhu Xiaohu calmly summed up 2016 more money but on capital investors more stable, 2015 saw a good team jump started to invest in the last year and we may jump in and put a lot of items on the surface, this is interesting, but after the first half of this project that do not run out, the business model is not established".

Zhu Xiaohu, on the board of Vanke said the storm both lose control of Wang Shi is "naked", entrepreneurs will lose the controlling right after the introducing of C wheel or D round of investment, this time the entrepreneur needs to consider how to introduce the protection mechanism, it is necessary to consider the.


control, BAT Zhu Xiaohu said, China is very similar with the United States, BAT’s market capitalization accounted for more than 95% of the market value of Chinese Internet, Facebook control of the Internet traffic by 95%, and accounted for more than 95% of Internet advertising, the situation intensified in fast speed.

Zhu Xiaohu analysis, entrepreneurs rely heavily on two dependencies: the first is the dependence of traffic; the second is the dependence on cash. "If you need to burn out in two, dependent on the circumstances, you need to take refuge in a giant, if you do not need to rely on a person to get cash, or have the opportunity to maintain independence.

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