Sell wild animals are not allowed to make money on suspicion of illegal

protection of wild animals, although a lot of publicity, but driven by the interests, there are a lot of people in the sale of wild animals, the picture is very cruel, these illegal trading plot is very serious. Recently, a couple of farmhouse illegal selling of wild animal sued, I hope you take this as a warning, protect wild animal.

about illegal purchase, hunting of endangered wild animal, and claimed to be punished national injunctions to prohibit hunting however repeated continues.

sourced from Guangdong and Guangxi Vietnam border

pangolin, Xiong Zhangcheng their "favorite"

the indictment, the beginning of 2012, Kan from the defendant Lee Yoon et al, the acquisition of rare and endangered wild animal pangolin and its products, it is found from the defendant Lee acquired more than 100 palm and pangolin bear more than 4, of which from February 2, 2015 to April 8th, a total of 27 acquisition of pangolin in vivo 1, frozen pangolins; from the defendant Huang bought frozen 3 times totaling more than 600 pounds of pangolin (worth 156 thousand yuan); from the defendant Yin acquisition recommended 2 pangolin living somewhere

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