Lu’an Municipal Bureau of human resources and social services introduced a number of measures

now the whole society, the college students’ employment situation and the form is not optimistic, under such a social background, entrepreneurship has become a unique social way for college students, at the same time, local governments are also actively in the development of entrepreneurial activity.

I city present stage of development provides the low-end jobs relatively superfluous, high-end jobs is obviously insufficient, and small and medium-sized enterprises and the non-public enterprises wages relatively low, development space is smaller, college students employment structural contradictions become increasingly prominent. Faced with these difficulties and challenges, the city social sector has taken a number of measures to promote the employment of College graduates. Continue to expand employment channels to encourage graduates to grassroots and private enterprise employment. Continue to implement the three support one, university student village and other college students employment placement project, has organized a large recruitment, recruitment of private enterprises and employment of college graduates week (week) activities more than 30 screenings. The implementation of the employment of college graduates do not graduate employment promotion program, get rid of household registration restrictions, expanding the scope of employment services and policy support. By the end of July the city’s total finds training base 81, providing 2282 trainee posts, the posts of 867 people, each will receive a monthly living allowance of not less than 1200 yuan. In addition, the city’s four colleges and universities to help employment after graduating from college graduates who have not yet been difficult to obtain employment, access to a $800 / person a one-time job subsidy of $149 119 thousand and 200.

in the whole society, the government vigorously support the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship policy will further promote the students’ entrepreneurial activities, so some entrepreneurial measures introduced by the Lu’an is not a precedent, a lot of places in the implementation of.


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