CCTV entrepreneurs help a group of the whereabouts and whereabouts

review: from the same organization, will not have the same property on them? From the same place, whether they are going to different future


if the unfamiliar street Tang Yan, YY Li Xueling, snowball finance, "the side of salmon NetEase to help entrepreneurs" members, Li Kaifu, millet Lin Bin, Lanting Pavilion cardinality Guo Quji classified as "Google help entrepreneurs" members, a membership organization also had a large, new "business Gang" is taking shape it is, as Wang Lifen, Ma Dong, Huang Jianxiang, Duan Xuan, Wu Qing and other media as the main member of the "CCTV to help entrepreneurs, recently joined the new members are Zhang Quanling, Lang Yongchun, Zhang Jie etc.. From the same organization, they will have some kind of the same attributes from the same place, they are going to a different future?

I dark horse Wu Dan reported on January 16th


content of "pioneer"

producer Wang Lifen is the early pioneers, 2010 left the CCTV, the founder of the online education – quality rice network did not have the Western names, but provide lectures website for entrepreneurs, early invited Yu Minhong, Lei Jun, Li Kaifu and so many big names recorded "entrepreneurship", business model with membership pay to watch. I dark horse landing site found that the home page of a scrolling page do not tell me you understand the entrepreneurial organization model, the recording time is April 2015, the number of people watching 1881, single course price of $59. It is not difficult to see, found the quality rice network audience and their position, but the online video content of single class 59 yuan is not the correct business model.

fact, Wang Lifen to create a "win in Chinese" IP is well known, this is a comment please gangster business reality show video, but also more in line with Wang Lifen before the CCTV production experience.

is the same thing to do, Ma Dong entrepreneurial direction in the entertainment industry is obviously more than the financial sector has more audience, the formation of ratings and then put advertising, which is the same as the TV program.

Ma Dong in 2012 from CCTV, after joining Iqiyi, before finding what you really want to do, he in this platform also spent two and a half years. From Iqiyi to start their own company, his decision also reflects the contradiction between the platform and the contents of the. Ma Dong made a cultural interview in CCTV, challenge host, in variety show "challenge host", Ding Ding and Zhang Shaogang two commentators on the ridicule of the show became a major aspect of the show.

interesting is that Ma Dong’s "wonderful work" in this way, please Kevin Tsai and when the judges, and then the program is very similar to the. The difference is, the network program has later more interesting, when Ma Dong wore a dress with Scotland White Sox appeared in the video center, later subtitle is "friends", when a woman comes into play, his head will also appear inside play subtitles "".

this is the end of CCTV

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