One yuan a cup of tea can also make money small profits

speaking of tea, the general consumer, not expensive, more than ten yuan can afford, and if it is a low-end tea brand, the general price between 3-8 yuan, there is little more affordable price. In this price range, Mr. Xu saw a great business opportunities, the low-end market almost blank. Since then, Mr. Xu played the idea of low-end tea market, and ultimately earned a lot of money through the low-end market.

investment industry fancy is a stable, small business is the amount of demand." Mr. Xu to reporters just sum accounts: one yuan a cup of pearl milk tea cup per net profit of 0.2-0.3 yuan, if every day to sell 350 cups, excluding the cost of every day at least 40 yuan revenue. Small business to small and broad, which is the business of the only shrewd businessman to read.

investment experience: from big business to small business

Mr. Xu started a business from the age of 16, had steel and seafood business in Shanghai, December 2004 from his hometown of Suzhou to Hainan to do seafood business, due to improper cost control, more than half a year so that he lost about 200000 seafood business, "big business profit is high, the risk is big". After the failure of investment in seafood, Xu’s vision to invest in small, stable profit small business.

last July, by chance, Mr. Xu found that some of Haikou’s bustling section of a yuan a cup of pearl milk tea has the market, after making inquiries, he learned that in such as liberation road such a busy road, less than 20 square meters of pearl milk tea shop under normal circumstances, the daily sales of staggering, business seems to be small but, sales is guaranteed, long-term profitability is also more impressive.

market after nearly a month of investigation and preparation, Mr. Xu’s first tea shop located near the larger flow of people in the first department, after a few months, and now has Fifth stores Xu in the vicinity of the Pearl Plaza opened, the store area of only 18 square meters, is a small place, but business is booming. Mr. Xu, the pavement was 1300 yuan per month, the monthly electricity cost is 600 yuan, the monthly cost of raw materials in 150 yuan, tax and two staff wages monthly expenditure of about 1400 yuan, packaging costs per cup of tea for 0.1 yuan, Xu Gusuan: "a shop daily sales can be guaranteed in more than 150 cups, each cup of guaranteed profit after about 0.2-0.3 yuan."

investment guidance: cautious investment funds nervous

small business profit thin, mainly rely on large amounts of money, so the site is critical." Xu introduced, opened the first store, he spent nearly a month’s time, every day on the road to inspect the flow structure and consumption habits, even so, his first store in the first two months after the opening of the operation is still >

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