Paris Bay sweet join advantage

what is the core of the restaurant industry? Is the consumer, but also the health of consumers. Only eat at ease, in order to eat satisfied. All walks of life are so. Understand their core competitiveness, can be a long time and high.

Paris Bei sweet (ParisBaguette) brand, has always adhered to the quality and health is the soul of the company, the future will continue to adhere to the brand’s commitment to quality. In all aspects of production, we will never use expired raw materials, raw materials or raw materials. We are willing to accept the supervision of consumers to work together to ensure that our products of high standards and high quality, together to promote the healthy development of China’s baking industry.

innovation is the core of enterprise culture that prissy group. Around this theme, we are changing at the same time to provide customers with better service. Baking is a major feature of Paris shellfish, and we will have a bell and the staff in a row of fresh bread out of the bell.

what are the advantages of Paris Bei sweet join

join advantages are as follows:

1, special Paris sweet sweet franchisee, enjoy the right to use the brand and all the right to operate

2, join the image of the right to use: free use of Paris Pui sweet headquarters unified VI image design system, to achieve the image of the national store has integrity

3, join the regional protection: according to the actual situation of the regional market, in strict accordance with the development of the brand development business shop area limits the development of the Paris Bei sweet stores on the principle of clear Paris baguette strict protection district to join

4, the headquarters of the performance of the return Award: Paris Bei sweet to join the contract to complete the purchase amount, Paris Pui sweet join headquarters are given generous monthly rebate and annual rebate

5, join agent priority: under the same conditions to enjoy the exclusive right to buy the exclusive franchise area

6, the right to return: unsalable, backlog of products in the premise of not affecting the two sales, the whole return

7, safe exit right: for various reasons, the franchise stores no longer operate within the contract period, you can apply for the transfer, acquisition, return of the safe exit to join

through the introduction of small series, I believe we have a very good understanding of the advantages of this brand!

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