The summer of 2016 is suitable for doing these four business

temperatures began to rise, people do not cut the enthusiasm of entrepreneurship, a lot of smart entrepreneurs want to take advantage of the high temperature quickly embrace wealth. So what kind of business is suitable for summer 2016? These four business can not be missed, absolutely suitable for a good choice in the summer, the investment cost is not large, simple operation.

features of water

features a water main business is a monopoly of the beverage store, the store does not require a large, should have their own characteristics. What do you do in summer? A busy day people come to the store, you can enjoy the scenery while enjoying delicious.

2016 what business is suitable for summer? It does not need a lot of boiling water, 20 square meters to 30 square meters can be, but the layout must be refined. Equipment: soda machine 5, accounting for 2000 yuan. 5 sets of tables and chairs, disposable paper cups, a variety of fruit……

refreshing beverage " clear fill cool " stall

hot summer, the upcoming, rolling heat wave also brought great business opportunities. Cooling and refreshing drinks, desserts. Consumers began to favor. Here to recommend to a market test, by the consumer favorite snack snack. It is a popular tropical characteristic of Hainan Island iced dessert: Hainan tonic.

tonic is the main red bean (Lv Dou), coix seed, peanut, hollow powder, coconut, watermelon, red dates, pineapple, quail egg, jelly, coconut milk and other ingredients made iced drinks to quench their thirst. A bowl of clear and cool is a picture of shaking. The color is implicit in the publicity introverted handsome.

specialty umbrella shop

casually go to any shopping malls, there are counter selling umbrellas, rainy days carrying a bucket of umbrellas everywhere selling a lot of. What do you do in summer? However, there are few umbrella shops that specialize in selling umbrellas. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the umbrella is not only a function of rain.

2016 what business is suitable for summer? When the weather, the beauty of the girls who want to buy a parasol, of course, this umbrella can not be replaced by an ordinary umbrella, the need for sophisticated beauty, but also have anti UV function. Summer what money? In the shape of the umbrella, in addition to ordinary round umbrella, and diamond, square, triangle and even umbrella; have printed cloth, plain canvas, transparent PVC material, and antique umbrellas.

barbecue shop

needless to say this, I believe the food stalls have friends who know how hot it is to remind friends, open a barbecue or barbecue shop is not simple, taste, price >

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