For Entrepreneurs how to create a user can not do without App

remember that to learn programming, developed an application named Trees For Cars carpool, and therefore made a small fortune tramp? The news today that the black guy is still wandering, and he developed app has ceased operations. At this point, the distance from the launch of the app just over a year. This time has a high degree of coupling with a domestic news. The news yesterday pointed out that "the App life cycle is only an average of 10 months, 85% of users will be within 1 months will delete the downloaded application from the mobile phone, and at 5 months after the application of retention rate is only 5%."

linked to many new mobile Internet companies only operate a two or app, can be considered a app corresponds to a mobile Internet start-up enterprises, the end of a app life cycle, basically can consider the collapse of start-ups. As the industry’s popular saying that the Internet companies from bankruptcy only 9 months". Compared with traditional industries, this figure is a bit high. But in the rapidly changing mobile Internet industry, the news is not surprising. Even if the competition is so fierce, every day there are still countless entrepreneurs with a dream, a cavity blood poured in. Everybody wants to be the second Zuckerberg. How to make their own development of APP users can not do without the necessities of life, how to survive in the app tide of death can not stand a lot of mobile Internet entrepreneurs every day to ask questions.

in fact, the network has a lot of articles in app to discuss how to increase user stickiness of the article, put forward many views, for example, the appearance of novel design, pay attention to the function of simple, high quality content, focus on solving problems, and actively encourage users to participate in user interaction, and mobile phone app and intelligent hardware combination…… But in fact, summed up, I think mainly in these 3 points.

1, the formation of the user’s positive feedback.

reported that in the 100 deaths in App, social class accounted for 35%, is the highest mortality category. This just confirms the formation of the user’s positive feedback on the app life cycle impact.

positive feedback, that is, the network effect. When Rolf studied the telephone network in 1974, he found that "the effectiveness of a user’s access to a communications service increases with the number of people who join the system". In 1980s, Katz and Shapiro and many other economists put this phenomenon into terms of network externalities or network effects, i.e. when a user consumption (use) of a product obtained by the utility increases with the number of users of the product, there are network effects. The concept of network effects reveal a positive feedback relationship between the value of the number of users and products, with the purchase and use of the same kind of products, increase the number of users, the product value rises; in turn, increase product value to further attract more users.

The value of

social class app is the amount of users, the more users, >

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