The sale of business ownership and tricks

entrepreneurship can not blindly conservative, traditional business, this competition is too intense, want to get rich is a very difficult thing to do business in the current society, get creative, innovative, pioneering and good to this market, there are several very creative project, you thought?

Customers can buy under the ownership of

can grow fruits "book"

sold in Japan around the shopping malls and bookstores have "fruit book". Such as "tomato book", "cucumber book", "eggplant book". These books are packed with seemingly surface waterproof paper, the plug has amianthus, artificial fertilizers and seeds. According to the people after the repurchase with planting specifications, as long as the daily watering, can grow finger thickness of cucumber, tomato, projectile like fist of eggplant.

the fruit pre-sale property

Here is the introduction of

three projects which is very creative, I think now runs the number of investors is certainly weak, if you want to start, may wish to consider these!

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