What is the attitude of the public on the suspension of College Students

on the college students to start a new business, we also know that, for this policy, the public’s attitude is how? Here is a group of big data to help you understand the attitude of the public!

during this year’s NPC and CPPCC, Vice Minister of education Lin Huiqing said, the Ministry of education this year will be officially released a new revision of the "ordinary college student management regulations", to make clear that the flexible educational system and School of business. For college students to start a business, the public attitude?

51.8% respondents support college students to start business

A year later

, friends business failure, Zhang Chuan go back to school. "A lot of junior high school courses are down, the big four side make up missed lessons, while also doing graduate design, that year is particularly tired." Zhang Chuan lamented to reporters.



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