Why didi and Uber make a fuss about the trademark

drops into a fashion taxi, Uber in the country’s popularity is also rising, and recently, and Uber in the constant change of their trademarks, this is why? Listen to the whole network Xiaobian for you to analyze.

since the replacement of the App icon, drops was universal travel published with the India designers users found dental trademark "spirit" caused all kinds of speculation: is plagiarism or to travel from medical


for mobile end users, App is the most intuitive icon they feel about the company. Such a simple trademark is really able to bring brand awareness and guidance for its platform App icon can play a role in the brand building?

with this revision, by the internal structure has been adjusted, the taxi, car, enterprise edition, and on behalf of the drive, the bus ride into the independent operation of the department.

Uber Travis published an article in the new trademark release, said the team in the idea of a new trademark, hope this trademark is recognizable, elegant, luxurious, with quality assurance. These seemingly trademark, in fact, is a description of its development strategy.

if for the strategic transformation of demand for products has been unable to meet the positioning of the trademark change is inevitable. But the change is not to replace the trademark home furnishings is so simple, because consumers have to accept the old trademark, the new trademark changes will inevitably affect the consumer market acceptance for the brand, so the brand change typically occur only in the mature brand recommended

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