How to do investment drinks shop promotion

investment drinks shop also need to do promotional activities. Although the price of the beverage shop is not very high, but for consumers, it is easy to consume goods, demand, so attractive promotional activities will still attract the attention of consumers. How to do a good job? This is a lot of franchisees are more concerned about the problem. Let’s take a look at it.

often refurbished promotional items

in the gift issue, we are very clear to choose novel and unique promotional items is the key, however, is often accompanied by the manufacturers to what what, too lazy to purchase their own, or consider the cost, reluctant to invest. So we often see a lot of brands are in the milk cup or umbrella such promotional items, can not play the role of lure. I feel that the promotion of the selection of the product has a skill is often refurbished tricks.

in the cost of promotional items, the Shandong dealer has a theory: dealers and manufacturers do not care about, the manufacturers to send, not to send. Money is your own, if you earn 4000 yuan a month, as long as you get out of the $1000 to buy some promotional items, the return must be more than 1000 yuan.

direct price for terminal interception

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