Banks return to college credit market

entrepreneurship is a topic of social concern, at the same time, some financial institutions and banks around for college students entrepreneurship has also given a lot of loose lending policy, in a new round of entrepreneurial market, entrepreneurship is a very important part of.

once because of the bad debt rate is too high and the banks were to give up the college market, now again by Internet banking and financial platform for attention. After Jingdong finance, ant gold suit, WeChat, industrial and Commercial Bank of China yesterday released ICBC e campus app, re attack the college market.

ICBC to college students the attitude change is great. A few years ago, ICBC has also issued credit cards to college students, but the zero line credit card reports abound. And now the highest 6000 yuan credit line in the industry is not low. Beijing morning news reporter survey found that today’s Internet banking platform for college students to borrow the maximum amount of 5000 yuan to $10000. Such as the highest amount of Jingdong campus ious 8000 yuan, the highest amount of interest installments is $10000.

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