s there any chance that Li Yinan will kill again

He has custody of the

from the time point of view, there are about ten months time Li Yinan will return, "genius" is a hit since the fall, or again back to the public view as "the return of the prodigal son" myth, only time can give the answer.


genius boy Li Yinan away from the public eye has been close to 20 months. According to the prosecution data show that as early as June 3, 2015, Li Yinan was Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. At the time of the charges, Li Yinan venture in Jinsha River during his tenure, together with his sister through insider news stocks profit about 7000000 yuan. Li Yinan a total profit of 439 yuan, more than ten million yuan profit sister.

recently, the Shenzhen intermediate people’s court made the first instance verdict, found that Li Yinan, founder of bovine electric technology, guilty of insider trading, sentenced to imprisonment in two years and six months, and fined 7 million 500 thousand yuan. Some media reports, sources said, Li Yinan has decided to appeal.

from HUAWEI was Ren Zhengfei’s successor, Li Yinan was sentenced to appeal to today, the ups and downs of life who make people sigh. But it is undeniable that the master gathered HUAWEI, in less than four years from the intern to vice president, Li Yinan is really talented, this is probably the original Ren Zhengfei again and he left, "forgive" treason.

Li Yinan bloomer "only", and the event of insider trading crime, contrast. Now Li Yinan is 47 years old, in the future, he can kill again?

from "boy genius" to "prisoner"

Li Yinan 15 year old was admitted to the central China University of science and technology in the junior class, the age of 23 to join the master’s graduation HUAWEI, two years was promoted to the chief engineer of HUAWEI, HUAWEI, vice president of the age of 27.

said he is IT industry talent, also he was accused of insatiably avaricious.

joined HUAWEI, Li Yinan two weeks after they solved a major technical problem, was promoted to senior engineer, and many leading technology research and development. According to media reports, when Li Yinan was 30 years old, he has helped take HUAWEI over the 20 billion mark, the latter is repeatedly involved in the decision, Ren Zhengfei even affectionately called Li Yinan "son".

in 2000, Li Yinan founded the harbor network company, has become a senior distributor of HUAWEI enterprise network products, and even later become HUAWEI’s largest rival. Forced in the absence of the case, Ren Zhengfei in 2004 set up a special hit Hong Kong do strategic strike. The final harbour networks failed, and in 2006 was the successful acquisition of HUAWEI.

After the integration of

, Li Yinan return to HUAWEI, as vice president and chief telecommunications scientist HUAWEI". There were rumors that HUAWEI had to cut off all the harbor staff, but Lee at their own expense, to keep employees.

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