Anti haze baby has five magic diet

in recent years is the haze days to visit frequently, feel the city and rural residents not to mind taking the trouble, more worrying is the serious health problems haze countless baby. The whole network to collect some special diet Raiders, let the baby against the haze of more clout, a total of five listed here, for parents.

1, eat foods rich in vitamins

vitamin to ensure airway from infection, so in the haze, mother to let the baby eat vitamin rich foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables are all Sydney vitamin supplements are preferred.

2, eat more lungs food

3, eat Detox food

4, eat fungus

foodfungi health effect is good, is a good anti allergic food, eat this kind of food to some extent can improve the ability of anti allergic baby to avoid respiratory diseases such as asthma caused by haze.

5, eat more bactericidal food

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