Can you invest in a movie theater

now people won’t worry because of the problem of food and clothing, all kinds of entertainment market is increasingly popular, in this context, a cinema will naturally become a lot of people’s pursuit of. However, individuals can invest in the cinema? Let me see small series of.

can you invest in a movie theater? Individuals with relevant conditions can also invest in the construction and transformation of the cinema.

State Council’s latest release of the film regulations to reduce the barriers to the construction and transformation of the cinema. The state allows enterprises, institutions and other social organizations and individuals to invest in the construction and transformation of the cinema, allowing the use of Sino foreign joint ventures or Sino foreign cooperation in the construction and transformation of the cinema. As long as there is the name of the theater, the relevant articles, determine the scope of the business, the corresponding organizational structure and professional personnel, funds, premises and equipment and to adapt to the needs of the business scope, you can apply for the construction and renovation of the cinema.

According to

, the applicant must first apply to the local people’s government administrative departments of the film. Within 60 days, was allowed to set up a movie theater applicants, will get a film show business license. The applicant may apply to the local administrative department for Industry and Commerce registration.

so, if you want to open a cinema through the realization of entrepreneurial wealth, so now might act, if you can meet the relevant conditions, I believe you through the open cinema dream of entrepreneurial wealth will soon realize oh.

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