Provide services to achieve mutual benefit group purchase – Business

is now a lot of operators feel that once a customer can buy a big profit, if it is holding such a business philosophy, I am afraid that only their business will be very adverse impact. To seize the customer, our retail customers should follow the principle of mutual benefit, rather than just their own money, while ignoring the feelings of customers. You know, group purchase customer purchasing power is strong, so bargain "capital" is also very strong, if you just stare at their own interests, it is likely to last "All is lost".

group is characterized by large amounts, the number of more, so you want to get the buy order, there must be enough to make the purchase of sufficient conditions. First of all, in terms of price to achieve economic benefits, abide by the principle of small profits but quick turnover; second, you have enough goods to meet the needs of others. Due to the strong purchasing power of the group, but also attracted more and more attention to business, buy the market competition is also fast.

in this battle, our large and medium-sized retail counterparts to make good use of their own resources, to lay a good battle group purchase because of the retail format, choice can give customers a broader group purchase, but also can satisfy the group purchase in the different aspects of the purchase demand, this is, those small retail owners incomparable advantages in resources. At the same time, for the purchase of goods, we can take the goods discounted approach to stimulate the customer, to win customers, these incentives, but also to attract customers to buy a powerful weapon.

moreover, as we have to follow others to provide retail customers purchase list to organize the goods, do not blindly recommend, for some of the shortage of goods, timely supply organizations in place, not a free hand to act, because these goods are the enterprise leadership research results. Of course, the best way, or our own advance and buy customer contact, and then the purpose of purchasing goods, so that not only save trouble, worry, save money. When necessary, the people have not finalized the purchase plan, some suggestions, good staff, as far as possible to help the customers save money, worry.

buy big customers and then have money, but it will not allow retail customers to deceive, so operators naturally need to be more cautious treatment. Also, these customers is to group purchase commodity prices must be placed in the open, how much is the price, how much is the preferential price now, and the market price of similar products compared to what advantage, not the existence of "covert operation", also cannot offer false, not shoddy. Once you have to resort to deceit behavior let customers know that you lose the group purchase, is not just a business, but the business reputation, only let customers saving as much as possible for you to win credibility, get more benefits.

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