Net red Mao Daqing entrepreneurship is a maze of long-distance running

April 24th, the first British professional astronaut Tim Peake in · 400 kilometers from the earth in space for the London Marathon start firing.

here is the 36 year history of the London marathon race in the history of the end of the race, the distance from London, Beijing,, 8130 km away from Daqing, is one of them. His name is engraved on the wall of the London Marathon celebrity, the world’s 1/800, completed in London, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, New York and Tokyo, the top six marathon Grand Slam, who is eligible for the list.

4 years ago, the day of the opening of the London Olympic Games, Mao Daqing began his first life of the 3000 meter race. 4 years later, at the age of 46, Mao’s life in Daqing turned to a new track.

is a long run, run a maze. Run to understand." Weekly Times reporter interviewed Mao Daqing, full of passion, not to avoid confusion.

in the spring of 2015, Daqing made a "1 to 0" decision to leave, to start a business. He did not hesitate to lay down the senior vice president of Vanke, ten million yuan annual salary and real estate 20 years, the identity of the top professional managers. Remove the aura, Mao Daqing is no longer the "hair", he became "Qingqing brother", became "long hair".

The joint project office he founded

– Hugo workshop, after 1 months into the arena. Compared to the past, Mao Daqing more freedom, no fetters, he likes the tension of the state of life. But again, entrepreneurship is a marathon without end, tired, or lonely. Daqing wants to demonstrate how wide the new track is and how strong he is.

in the past year, Mao Daqing and his unique workshop with 4 billion yuan valuation report, again frequent face-to-face dialogue. He prides himself on the field of venture capital following Li Kaifu, Xu Xiaoping after the third "red net".

people are concerned, his unique concept is how to shop floor, where, where to go; in the absence of a domestic joint office of industry standards, the operation of the main field of the unicorn and uneven in quality, how to spell WeWork look at fiercely as a tiger does to enter the mainland, Hugo workshop next; he quickly developed a new business brand "5L International Space", where


Mao Daqing and his industry organizations and government friends released the first "China multi-creation space development blue book" (hereinafter referred to as the "blue book"), he said, these problems above he also thought, "people are really not easy, are exploring." But he also gives certainty judgment: independent of age, in everything, anything is possible.

Mao Daqing to a customer, a guest mentor, investors three identities to answer, the answer is full of Zen: in Chinese economic transition mark, many dreams and passion, continue to write the rules of the game, changing the world’s "Mao Daqing", it is belong to the era of the real IP.

"Heartbreak Utopia"

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