Entrepreneurial advantage of young entrepreneurs

is part of part of men and women entrepreneurs and young, but the young entrepreneurs must have the advantage of a young, since you want to go to start this road, then go to the early realization of entrepreneurship as early as possible, as early as you want to dream, we take a look at the current year strong entrepreneurs have what kind of advantages.

, a strong venture capital. Shenzhen is one of the most active areas for Youth Venture Capital Investment in china. In Chinese more than and 200 venture capital firms in Shenzhen, accounting for 1/2, venture capital totaling about 12000000000 yuan, and the capital source of youth venture investment diversification, including state-owned asset management companies, listed companies and overseas Vc firms, banks, private capital.

two, youth entrepreneurship relaxed atmosphere. Shenzhen is a new immigrant city, inclusive, a variety of new ideas, new ideas will not be easily excluded. This kind of innovative culture with the characteristics of the times provides a good atmosphere for young entrepreneurs. Moreover, a higher degree of openness in Shenzhen, not subject to the constraints of traditional culture and regional culture, have a strong sense of identity for outsiders, more conducive to the development of young entrepreneurs free.

three, youth entrepreneurship environment class. As China’s first special economic zone in Shenzhen, there are many preferential policies. Shenzhen go-vern-ment high efficiency and transparency throughout the country, public education and income levels are among the best in the country, with neighboring Hongkong and multi-cultural atmosphere, make Shenzhen become "treasure of the young people".

four, the high-tech industry as the most active young domestic venture capital city, there are many preferential policies to support the Shenzhen high-tech industry is developing rapidly, especially electronic information, biotechnology, new materials, optical mechanical electrical integration field, gathered HUAWEI, ZTE, Lenovo, SKYWORTH, TCL, Kingdee etc. a number of domestic private high-tech enterprises.

six, the garment industry: after 20 years of development, the garment industry has become one of the dominant industries in Shenzhen. In particular, the apparel industry, relying on the unique geographical advantages of Shenzhen, labor intensive advantages, the advantages of foreign exports, the larger the development of space.

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