Do you know what the summer stall for sale

when we walk in the road often can see a lot of people in the street, a street vendor can earn some money, especially in the street more, in order to reduce the burden of the family, but also to exercise their own, many college students can do some part-time job during the summer holidays, or to some traffic is relatively concentrated the local stall. And, what does the summer stall place sell? Also became a lot of people are most concerned about the problem. To this end, the small series specially arranged for a number of stalls in the summer of the project, hoping to provide some reference.

summer stall for selling what – sun hat

as we all know, the sun is very hot in summer, a few laps outside, your face will immediately turn black. Men and women, men and women, no one does not like their own net appearance, therefore, they will be ready in the summer some stylish, practical and strong sun hat. Operators can choose to buy some shade from the wholesale market, the flow of people in the relative concentration of the cell door for sale.

summer stall suitable for sale – sunscreen clothing

in the summer, in order to prevent sunburn, before many female beauty, will be coated with a thick layer of sunscreen, and then put on a pretty sunscreen clothing to go out. Therefore, the operator put the stall, you can choose some of the quality of cheap sunscreen clothes, these clothes are easier to sell. In addition, the operator can also enter some of the matching sunscreen gloves, so that is conducive to sales, stimulate sales.

summer stall fit to sell what – small fan

said that, now, the vast majority of households are equipped with air conditioning, but there are a lot of families for various reasons, they will use the fan in the hot summer, folding fan, etc.. A fan of this type, the purchase price is relatively cheap, high cost, very suitable for the stall to sell.

summer stall fit for what to sell – home vacuum hook

in daily life, many people will hang some ornaments, calligraphy and painting at home, people usually choose to use the adhesive, sucker hook nail. As everyone knows, nails, easy to damage the wall, affect the appearance of adhesive; it is easy to fall and stick on the wall of the glue is difficult to clean; the suction hook if only adsorbed on the ceramic tile, glass surface, other place to hang it off easily; and the household vacuum hook device, but the shortage of can make up for all of the above products, bring convenience to people’s lives. Therefore, the seller placed with a vacuum hook hanging device, is a very good choice.

small stall is also a lot of stress, the first thing is to put the goods, which is a very important issue, this summer can recommend

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