Zhang Quanling, Huang Jianxiang and Luo Zhenyu are leaving CCTV host to the nternet

only a short while ago, CCTV this platform with a tall aura, let people enter the CCTV glow, it is the success of the performance of life. However, taking turns, in recent years, many have left the CCTV CCTV Oprah joined the Internet enterprise. Including "win in China" producer and presenter Wang Lifen resignation of the founder of quality rice network, host Wang Kai start from the media, the former CCTV host Luo Zhenyu founded video talk show "the logic of thinking".

CCTV outside the growing number of platforms, so many channels of choice. With the rise of the network, each platform is swarmed into the sky, the television media graduallydecline, led to the CCTV Oprah, performers who have more choices, especially with the temptation to have awareness of the challenges of the host, leaving the CCTV has become a reason they are.


molecular oxygen network (www.yangfenzi.com) hearing in early July 2015, Zhang Quanling has confirmed the resignation from CCTV, Zhang Quanling has entered the field of venture capital, team cooperation and the cheetah CEO Fu Sheng, a purple cow fund partner. Fu Sheng team sponsored by cheetah CEO Fu Sheng launched in December last year, is a focus on the early Angel round business incubator platform.

according to the cheetah side revealed that the choice of Zhang Quanling as Fu Sheng group, the first adviser, it is a fancy to her experience and contacts in the CCTV, which is a good resource for entrepreneurs.


August 2013, Huang Jianxiang officially joined the music as sports channel "scripts" yellow · served as moderator of the program, has presided over the CCTV program: "football night", "world soccer" etc..

sports Oprah who became famous in the traditional media, and now in the network for more explanation of freedom and economic benefits, but also the global environment and the theory of fans instant interaction, also can have their own exclusive column, the conversion position is not surprising.


the afternoon of March 14, 2013, Wang Kai announced that micro-blog officially resigned, has presided over the CCTV "fortune story", "reading time" program. Mention the reasons for his resignation, Wang Kai said he wanted to change the way of living, and to do your own business, since the media.


June 2012, Qiu Qiming left CCTV to join the Hunan satellite TV, presided over the "we date", had presided over the CCTV program: "24 hours". November 2014, Qiu Qiming joined the network media Sohu group news client.

Qiu Qiming said in the past, although from the television media to the Internet media, but the turn is type, the same is the heart, this heart is the heart of love of the news." And when it comes to joining Sohu

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