Floor army personal interview Hangzhou has become a business angel city

China’s current entrepreneurial boom has not receded, but the capital hit the winter, for such entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurs who do? May wish to listen to the floor of the personal interview! May be able to bring answers to entrepreneurs!

C wheel die, this is a year in investment circles has been hot for a year, this year in the opinion of the air again frequently mentioned the word, because there are too many has not yet formed the scale income (or proven business model) startups, got angel investment, to get A round and get a B round, C round finally not stay up. For example, Pai car, which was known as the "million technicians have company", because the C round of financing failed and forced liquidation, had to leave.

fingertips, venture capital is still hot and cold.


for the site to restore the most authentic, and set aside the flaunty description, listen to in the evening news reporter is how to say.

Hangzhou "entrepreneurship" after Beijing

: some in the floor. New investment is still less than a year, there is no way to evaluate the performance of the early projects in general 2~4 (nurture) can see.

reporter: investment in Hangzhou before the project?

in the floor: pretty good, a few "unicorn" has come out, babe network, digging Choi, copper street…… Cool Kellogg is B, C round, are billions of dollars of projects. Then voted the color home network, but also the former Ali employees out of business.

in the Buddy: Hangzhou’s biggest feature is always very solid. We look at the investment projects, a considerable proportion of entrepreneurs are former Ali employees, the basic skills are well practiced, especially the operation, to push, from Ali learned a lot of things.

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