After being laid off by a glimmer of fortune forced Entrepreneurship

In fact,

in the whole social life, there are a lot of entrepreneurs are actually forced by life, then every Jedi, is in fact to us that a problem is, entrepreneurs need to have a relatively strong courage.

a palm vein, sunset, bridges, is very realistic. These products will be across the ocean, to the United States, Canada, New Zealand and other markets. And this comes from the 49 year old stone hand. She was a laid-off worker.

1999, Shi Qin from the laid-off, in June 2005, she held the first in Wanzhou District of Chongqing City, the "witness Three Gorges Folk Art Festival", with a picture of a plum "works won the Excellence Award, the story was reported by the media.

"forced" venture onto the road

A female boss

said, stone often tears. She said: entrepreneurship is forced out."   600 pieces of embroidery   sold for 380 thousand

embroidery workshop start normal operation, for a period of time, Qin Shi to focus on publicity, packaging, marketing and embroidery, full contact business, signed orders. In 2009, she adopted a Chongqing arts and crafts company under the 600 foreign scroll painting embroidery orders, the product must be delivered on time, overdue payment of liquidated damages.

"sell goods temporarily and back, to complete orders, only the purchase of silk fabrics, silk line to buy about 100000 yuan, how to do?" Stone often have no alternative, borrowing without the door, anxious. At this time, she found the streets of the social security policy, that can apply for re employment of small loans, apply for two weeks on the grant down a small loan of 50 thousand.

"50 thousand small loans to help me continue the chain of funds." Shi Qin said, holding about 100000 yuan to raise money to buy enough silk fabrics, silk and other materials to ensure the normal production, delivery on schedule.

this single business, sell a good price 380 thousand yuan, Shi Qin also earned tens of thousands.

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