Which is more important for the cycling economy than or

bicycle project is spread for more than a year in the winter capital, v-mobile anomaly, ofo a year in the five round of financing momentum, let the technology circle long lost passion. In January 5th, v-mobile bicycle announced D round of financing $215 million news, like a starting gun cycling track. According to previous rounds of financing both sides race each other race, ofo side emergency money, start the "2017 city strategy" plan in speed accourding 11 January to 22, "one day city", landing more city.

continued to spread, and blue, Xiaoming worship, Hello, ride a chant project "and the rain descends" to obtain financing, investors or fancy many regional market is still blank chance, or expect to be the acquisition of a smooth exit; some of the old bicycle manufacturers also ready to mix color, on the road cycling occurs sooner or later.

this "bicycle feast" and 6 years ago the hundred regiments, 2 years before O2O war are surprisingly similar, the capital has a repeat of the mistakes of the carnival burn, began the new signs of depression. Wrapped in sugar bicycle, "sharing" is really a bit of travel business? Heavy mode and light mode who more competitive? User experience and staking, or Qiuwen and fast, which is more important? These questions like riding a bike shuttle in the city time to polish the haze, eyes.

first, reflect on: whether the sharing of the economy is applicable to cycling economy?

now we talk about bicycles, usually in front of the word "sharing" two words, and "shared bicycle" is easy to be misunderstood as the use of shared economy in the field of cycling. The "sharing economy" is the private users (such as house, car, kitchen etc.) in the idle time on the platform (such as Airbnb, Uber, home for dinner etc.) exchange, so as to obtain a certain reward form of economy.

ofo originated in the university community "in 1 for the N program, students put their bikes available to ofo, other vehicles will be able to enjoy free riding exercise, this kind of" all things with everyone "a communist ideal radiance, the actual implementation of only 10% of the students is the source of car donation, the rest of the car the source for ofo procurement team. The ofo does not want to self oriented production of bicycle, bicycle is connected only, in other words, not only the production of bicycles, bicycle housepainter. "One day city" project is the integration of idle resources, do the inevitable product trading platform business model.

, however, a careful comparison of the drip mode and cycling economy, or to find a lot of differences between the two, and even can be said to be completely different nature of the two business.


the "bicycle sharing" is called "sharing", mainly because "no pile", users do not need to return, the vehicle parked at different points are different use frequency, compared with private bicycle, with public effect. But copying the "shared economy" model to do a bike business, obviously can not receive >

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