Chongqing poor village how poverty and the present development situation of sericulture industry – B

China is a country with a vast territory and abundant resources of national economic development, every city is different, especially after the reform and opening up, some of the city’s economy has achieved rapid development, but also the development of some of the city’s backward! So, how to get rid of poverty in Chongqing village? Chongqing Qianjiang district government said today that the cocoon production in the region for 6 consecutive years ranked first in the city, the region’s poor village in the development of the 53 villages in the village of poverty alleviation in the fight to play a pillar role in the industry of the 65.

, mulberry. The establishment of 30 thousand acres of high-quality mulberry in 5 towns and villages, realize the mulberry cocoon per mu more than 2.5 Tam, output value of 5000 yuan, the original old mulberry grafting of 9 million 648 thousand and 750 strains, raise the quality of cocoon.

training main body. Support the leading enterprises, farmers’ cooperatives and other new business entities, such as land subcontract, shareholder dividends and other construction, concentrating more than 100 acres of high-quality mulberry base, build a complete industrial chain and interests directly with the mechanism of the formation of risk sharing, benefit sharing and economic cooperation.

to promote new technologies and facilities. The promotion of " six of the five supporting " technology, improve labor productivity, improve the efficiency of sericulture promotion of small silkworm total fertility, board grid cluster technology, realize the sericulturist cocoon sales revenue 58 million 860 thousand yuan, an increase of 28%.

Comprehensive economic development of mulberry

. How to get rid of poverty in Chongqing village? Through this article you can see the specific four steps, you can not miss the opportunity to be interested! Take mulberry chicken, mulberry, mulberry seed interplanting bacteria comprehensive management and recycling, support Zhen Xiang sang yuan built leisure picking and production integration of the city park, the development of rural tourism, the construction of " million acres of mulberry; " high quality and efficient demonstration, promote the development of sericulture industry, 65 poor villages in the region development of sericulture 53 village, play a role in poverty alleviation in the pillar industry.

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