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[entrepreneurship] Ali mobile business group president Yu Yongfu: Ali recruits a year

last June, UC excellent as the highest amount in the history of China’s Internet $4 billion 350 million, was wholly acquired by Alibaba. However, Internet Co mergers and acquisitions into fewer cases, the implementation of the university culture of UC excellent as how to integrate into the Alibaba arena in the


entry Alibaba a year, the president of the mobile business group from Alibaba, President of the group of High German, Yu Yongfu, President of Ali mother, the label on the body is constantly increasing. Ma seems to be reused, but did not touch Ali’s core business – electricity supplier. Yu Yongfu can become media, the Alibaba’s "crown prince"


mobile Internet tide struck, BAT layout in the mobile terminal gradually revealed. As president of the mobile business group Ali, Yu Yongfu how to look at the current situation?

Internet venture on the battlefield, as a veteran, why in his entrepreneurial career, luck is more important than hard work?

welcome to pay attention to this issue, to talk about the entry of Yu Yongfu Ali a year.

notes: he is Gexin Ali "variable"


last year, one of the biggest events in the Internet circles to Alibaba listed in the United states. In the early June 11th, Ali announced a wholly owned shares UC excellent view, with a figure of $4 billion 350 million hit the highest amount of mergers and acquisitions in the history of China’s internet. Frequent investment layout before the listing, rich product line, the market valuation of the listed Alibaba can be increased.

looking back over the past year, the integration of UC and Ali, Yu Yongfu scored 90 points for their own achievements, but also admitted that there is regret for themselves, as there are still many independent entrepreneurs unwilling. The deduction of the 10 points, is that there are some things should be done earlier systematic". When I asked what should be done earlier, Yu Yongfu gave a vivid metaphor:


integrator and the integrator, for example, is like a big brother and a younger brother. Big brother is really like the little brother wanted to hug him, but you think the little brother to see such a big man to hold, the first reaction is what?. In fact, if this big brother wanted to hold a little brother, the method should be like? I think there should be two points, we should do earlier. The first to squat down, let the little brother have a straight feeling, rather than looking up feeling. The second is communication, all of which should be more equal. Because in business thinking is a consensus on how to make the integration of the business to achieve faster success.

some other interesting points of view are as follows:

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