Fish fish Zi fortune nvestment

in our lives, there is always this delicious fish. Besides, fish have a lot of practice, and that’s what we all know. Like steamed fish, braised fish, etc.. But, like the delicious roast fish not everyone can do it. How nourishing fish fish? It’s a great choice!

, fish fish, fish is grilled to domestic innovation for the characteristics of fish brand chain, "Zi Zi" fish, entrance memorable "taste", comprehensive, roasted, stewed, boiled salted, dip, drink a variety of private material as a whole, unified distribution package to make the fish more tasty, taste as diners choose to meet the needs of all parties. Making grilled fish and food ingredients, and various other ingredients by the headquarters of large-scale procurement, unified distribution, the price lower than the market price, operating without a large kitchen, only a small square dish room, shop without a large area can achieve high profit, let you sleep


and fish fish to make money?

grilled fish with high nutritional value, low price, suitable for different age consumer groups, consumer groups, the future development potential. Fish fish, often because shops opened after the good reputation of fermentation, and constantly improve the single store sales, to recover the cost of investment in a short period of time! The company mature operation team has many years of experience from the headquarters location, grasp the domestic mass Pu resource selection is more suitable for the league’s store, then by the store supervisor to do the whole the evaluation value stores provide cost-effective, PU for the franchisee, the franchisee business to help

win at the starting line!

headquarters to develop a set of standard operating procedures, the franchisee can get started without experience, the teacher hands " " teach, easy to learn, operation without occupation cook, only a few waiters can support the store opened for business; joining materials from the headquarters of a one-stop shop more unified procurement, simple.

and fish fish is good? In the catering market, not only has a high popularity, and joined the fish fish project, is still very worthy of the selected items. Free to choose to join the venture, nourishing fish fish? What are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

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