Join the ten brands – Ancient Chinese Literature Search museum

versatile child, has been very concerned about. It is a wise choice for children to choose the right art study. So how do you choose to join the museum? For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice.

recommend a: small master Sinology Museum

Beijing fvx Ancient Chinese Literature Search Education Consulting Co. Ltd. is headquartered in the traditional cultural heritage of the capital of Beijing, was founded by several Chinese language and literature, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Capital Normal University, Minzu University of China and other colleges and universities, professional institutions engaged in Ancient Chinese Literature Search enlightenment education research and teaching practice, promotion, for 3-15 years old children mainly Ancient Chinese Literature Search enlightenment education training.

recommended two: Beida Jade Bird Museum


collection of the Peking University and Beida Jade Bird Education Group profound academic tradition and high-quality education resources, the accumulation of years of teaching experience, set up the complete system for preschool education system – "Ancient Chinese Literature Search prize.the Ancient Chinese Literature Search children’s paradise" covers the situation, the creation of ring design planning, curriculum, teacher training, Ancient Chinese Literature Search Park supervision at all levels to construct a rooted in ancient classical internalized value system, a fusion of knowledge, emotion and meaning, the Experiential Education Park, with Ancient Chinese Literature Search influence and traditional art enlightenment as the carrier, to the western scientific exploration for the use of auxiliary rich sound ancillary products, service and management system, to help the national preschool education institutions (kindergarten, Qinziyuan / early education and training institutions to join the center) to promote popularization of classic traditional culture and enhance the level of pre-school education, to create excellent characteristics Quality garden.

recommended three: Hui Yin Ya National Museum

Hui Ya Ya Sinology is a leader in the field of Sinology education, branches throughout more than 40 provinces and cities. Hui Xian Ya adhering to the "classic learning, inspire wisdom, improve character, achievement of life," the purpose of becoming a pioneer in Sinology teaching and practice, the leader.

Hui Xian ya Ancient Chinese Literature Search Ancient Chinese Literature Search open children’s education trend, let teenagers with their classical counterparts, and the sage company, through the Ancient Chinese Literature Search xunxi in which children learn at the same time the classical virtue and nature get promoted growth and lay the foundation for a lifetime of happiness. Hui Xian ya Ancient Chinese Literature Search teaching reading classic, classic explanation of virtue, etiquette and national arts learning, learning and life gradually guide the students according to the teachings of sages, and good people skills, become healthy, elegant, educated, good children have both ability and political integrity.

recommended four: Huaxia Museum

Huaxia Museum continued to learn the concept, take the road of quality. In "learned, the interrogation, deliberative, discernment, Benedict.

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