2 billion 400 million public rental housing shantytowns

In order to ensure that the 2014 urban affordable housing project objectives successfully completed, recently, the Provincial Department of finance, Provincial Department of housing and urban construction to the province issued 2 billion 417 million 710 thousand yuan in 2014 the province’s urban housing projects to protect the central and provincial special funds.

, 1 billion 109 million 570 thousand yuan in Xining City, East Sea city 554 million 240 thousand yuan, 97 million 660 thousand yuan Haibei Haixi Prefecture, 141 million 670 thousand yuan, Hainan 174 million 780 thousand yuan, Huangnan 58 million 790 thousand yuan, 151 million 360 thousand yuan in Yushu Prefecture, the Provincial Bureau of prisons 17 million 480 thousand yuan, 104 million 180 thousand yuan, 7 million 980 thousand yuan Qinghai Lake management bureau. The special funds will be used to meet the conditions in the market rental housing for low-income families in the town of rental subsidies, support for government organizations to implement public rental housing and urban shantytowns.

it is reported that this year, the province will be 110 thousand and 500 new urban affordable housing project (households), including urban shantytowns up to 90 thousand and 300 units, public rental housing for 14 thousand and 600 units. During the year, basically built 79 thousand and 900 units (households), check in 70 thousand and 300, while the new low-cost housing rental subsidies for the family of 5000. This year our province will establish a system of property rights, promote the innovation of the mode of operation, low-income housing property transfer, will strictly control the construction of low-income housing costs and selling prices, encourage the security object funded the purchase of low-income housing, at the same time, all localities and departments will increase funding for low-income housing has been built into the residential facilities investment. According to no less than ordinary commercial housing area standards, optimization of low-income housing design, greening and beautifying residential environment, improve the quality of.


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