Cigarette display art analysis

everyone knows that the cigarette business needs to do a good job related to the display, however, countless operators do not know how to carry out the relevant display in the end. In a word, the cigarette retail terminal, as the link and bridge of direct consumption, is the key part of the information source and value chain. But the daily operation of the retail business on the terminal display lack of awareness of the initiative to protect the weak, the overall display when the face is good or bad. To solve this problem, we need to start from the breakdown of the terminal display, classification services.

display: Art in OTC specifications is less, the first open card brand

The actual work of

guidance on display in the terminal, often unwilling to cooperate with the tobacco companies listed businesses focus on nurturing the brand of small and medium-sized businesses in the cigarette retail brand, the relative lack of operating funds is narrow, conservative management consciousness is more prominent. To this end, we implement the "terminal brand card" display program, the specific approach is: according to the recent focus on the cultivation of OTC brand recommended requirements, making in the display of the die pin brand specifications, in accordance with the new recommendation, the key recommendation area orderly placing special display for a class of low smoke, coke, foreign cigarette brands key specifications.

through this method, effectively do the full cabinet display, brand specifications and exhibit rich price tag and display the mold as a whole, is not easy to lack a whole display full, placed in an orderly and visual impact of strong visual effect.

The two type:

display art display pattern is difficult to control, a small difference in

on the OTC brand, business specification more strong sense of retail businesses, we use a display card placed in the counter, card design width and height and line spacing of cigarette packs, card fixed uniform, cigarette retail businesses in the customer manager under the guidance of New District, recommend different cigarette brand display area specifications. This method from the card through a unified display format, to avoid the man-made display is not uniform, so that the overall cigarette display neat and beautiful. At the same time, due to the fixed function of the card, the problem that the merchant can lead to confusion in the process of pulling the cigarette cabinet is solved.

display: display of war three general guidance, information technology to enhance the effectiveness of

long terminal display guidance, attention focused on the standardization of the display, but in the actual implementation process often face differences in business operating conditions, operating a number of brands and specifications, resulting in guidance on display customized service has been difficult to effectively break. To this end, we took the lead through the marketing system to customize the production of information technology in line with the actual display of their own cigarette sample design.

by the system according to the history of the retail business to buy brand specifications to the city 0.8 meters, 1 meters, 1.2>

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