Construction of the province’s first introduction of seismic isolation technology

The day before, the reporter learned from the Provincial Seismological Bureau isolation technology exchange meeting was informed that this year, the Provincial Seismological Bureau will adopt isolation technology in the construction of buildings in the center of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction technology. It is understood that the application of this technology will enable the Provincial Seismological Bureau of earthquake prevention and mitigation technology center has become the province’s first introduction of isolation technology, the construction of the province to create a precedent for the application of seismic isolation technology.The earthquake prevention and disaster reduction technology center of

Seismological Bureau is a reinforced concrete frame structure, which is divided into 10 layers: the ground floor and the ground floor, with a total floor area of 11469 square meters and a building height of 42.7 meters. A seismic isolation air cushion is applied to the whole building. It is understood that the isolation technology refers to the isolation layer is composed of bearings and dampers in building a component layer, the whole structure to prolong the natural period of vibration, damping, reducing the input seismic energy structure. The most widely used is the isolation device of rubber bearing, the rubber bearing to reduce the horizontal movement of seismic shear wave caused by the earthquake, so as to reduce the force to the upper part of the building, reduce the earthquake struck the destruction of buildings on the ground.

reporter learned that the seismic isolation technology is the development and breakthrough of the current seismic technology, its application in the construction of the earthquake does not collapse when possible. After the completion of the earthquake prevention and disaster reduction technology center of the Seismological Bureau of Guangdong Province, it can meet the seismic fortification level of "small earthquake is not bad, the earthquake can be repaired, and the great earthquake does not fall".


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