Huangyuan 0.4 investment in Cameroon billion to build cultural tourism projects

days ago, Huangyuan Cameroon cultural tourism leisure comprehensive development and construction of the project started in the folk arts and crafts in Dan Industrial Park, has important significance to the completion of the project will be the development of Huangyuan tourism and cultural tourism resources diversified structure adjustment.

it is reported that the project was in August 2012 Xining and Nepal Patan City, since the establishment of friendly city first in the economic and trade cooperation projects, the use of foreign capital project is Huangyuan County second successfully settled. The project is jointly funded by the construction and import of the branch of the import and Export Co., Ltd. and Xining Xin Xin Import and export trade Co., Ltd., the total investment of 40 million yuan, covers an area of mu. Construction is the main content of building groups, Nepal Buddha processing factory, Cameroon culture exhibition hall, restaurant and dance hall, exhibition halls, parking lot, Japanese tourists more than 1000 people, is expected to put into operation in August 2014. (author: Wang Xiaofang Dong Shuai)

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