Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to strengthen safety in production

this year, the Xining Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau adhere to the "safety first, prevention first" approach, combined with industrial and commercial functions, to take effective measures to strengthen safety production work.

grasp of their own safety, ensure office, personnel, vehicle safety, fire fighting equipment to replace the expired time in the system is equipped with fire appliances more than 100 sets; strict market access, to ensure the safety of the market subject qualification. To strengthen the pre licensing examination in the registration and inspection, inspection, adhere to the relevant department issued a permit or approval document in accordance with the law, in order to have a business license issued by the corresponding business scope or through inspection; the local government decided to close the enterprise according to law shall be ordered to be closed for the change or cancellation procedures, to revoke its business license; the relevant departments for Industry and commerce departments informed the pre license abnormal, suspended through inspection companies, timely elimination of unsafe production main production and operation to ensure the qualification of legal validity. During the period of 648 companies need to provide pre examination were reviewed, the closure of 16 enterprises, 49 suspended inspection, with the fire department fire equipment configuration for all kinds of enterprises more than 2600 sets; rectification of key enterprises, actively cooperate with the fire department is deeply involved in dangerous chemicals, fireworks, Internet cafes, dance and entertainment, coal and other enterprises individual industrial and commercial households in the supervision and inspection, timely elimination of fire hazards. Farms, wineries, such as rapeseed oil processing enterprises and with the city safety production office area in depth, the scene of the rectification and rectification of the 84 companies there are security risks; to strengthen food safety supervision, take regular inspection, special bulletin, rectification, appropriate punishment and other measures to promote food safety supervision duties in place. At the same time, start from the source of the city’s wholesale distribution, more than 3700 households wholesale distribution business households re qualification, canceled 157 households do not have the qualification of wholesale distribution business households, for the unqualified warehouse facilities of 82 households to rectification. During the investigation, 230 cases of food, the collection of fines of 748 thousand and 400 yuan. (author: Shi Yingchun)

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