Qinghai billion yuan project open to the public

In the future, the province will further stimulate the vitality of private investment, participate in key projects, to participate in the overall economic development. The reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission was informed that, according to the need, the province’s economic and social development in our province recently, combing and screening of a number of water conservancy, transportation, finance, oil, electricity, municipal infrastructure, industrial development and social sector to promote the project, launched to the public, to encourage and attract social capital, especially private investment through joint ventures, franchising and other ways to participate in the construction and operation.

expert for our province financing reform direction

at present, our province is in a critical period of building a well-off, accelerate the construction of new urbanization, infrastructure, public services, industrial restructuring and upgrading, improving people’s livelihood and other areas of the construction task is very heavy. In the face of the new situation and new situation, it is a new task and a new task for us to actively innovate the mechanism of investment and financing system, and push forward the reform.

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