The government has done a great job for us

residents in the provincial capital of the village of the town of Shu Huai ditch ditch these days are very happy. September 13th, the reporter came to the Huai Zi Gou, residents Liu Qingzhou excitedly said: this time it rains, the water is no longer flowing into the house, the government has done a great thing for us."

Huai Zi Gou live 30 households, due to the limitations of the terrain, the residents of the home and nearby no drainage pipe, a rainy day, there will be a mud rock flow, some houses have cracks, tilt, etc.. Residents are using dry toilets, because there is no drainage facilities, feces discharged into the flood drainage, pollution to the environment. Huai Zi ditch area are dirt road, sunny one soil, rain a mud is a true portrayal of residents travel.

last year, Shangri-La community staff learned that the matter is very important, they have coordinated with a number of departments, and raise funds. Earlier this year, the relevant departments of the area along the Huai River Ditch, on the sewer, septic tanks and other facilities to repair, has been completed. (author: Yan Zhuo)


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