Xining to do a good job in the spirit of the eighteen propaganda work

to do a good job of learning the spirit of the party’s propaganda and implementation of the work, the early arrangements for the city of Xining, early deployment in the city quickly set off a study and implement the party’s eighteen big spiritual upsurge.

The eighteen

victory party after the closing, according to the central and provincial unified arrangements, Xining city issued a "Xining Municipal Committee of the CPC on earnestly study and implement the party’s eighteen big publicity notice", "the spirit of the CPC Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the party’s eighteen study and publicize the spirit of the work program" and other relevant documents. The actual requirements of Party organizations at all levels are closely combined with the region, the departments and entities, carefully formulate specific comments and careful study plan and safeguard measures, clear tasks, strict requirements, to ensure that the learning time, personnel, content and method of implementation. The morning of December 3rd, the city’s more than 26 Deputy departmental level leading cadres in the party’s central propaganda team spirit of the eighteen report. At the same time, carefully prepared to participate in the provincial Propaganda Department organized by the province’s eighteen major focus on spiritual activities.

at the same time, from four aspects to do a good job of the party’s top eighteen spirit of learning publicity. First, the overall arrangement of the party’s eighteen spiritual theory training. The study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen leadership as the main content of the education and training of cadres, and the construction of grass-roots party organization construction work, give full play to the main role of all levels of party, provincial Party school invited experts and scholars from time to carry out different levels and different types of classes, training courses, seminars, the spirit of the party’s eighteen learning training. Up to now, a total of more than 500 cadres at the county level cadres, department level cadres of nearly more than 1000. The two is to carry out the activities of the people preaching. The study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, consisting of eighteen representatives, plum blossom award winner, Xining drama group Party branch deputy secretary Qu Qiaozhe, eighteen representatives, East District of the Salesian community director Chen Fenglian as the main member of the "eighteen new life to celebrate and praise the people preaching mission, in batches into the organs of school in rural areas, and communities to carry out propaganda activities. According to the basic needs of the masses, in plain view, people’s discourse about experience, kiss, kiss for vivid stories, widely publicize the spirit of the party’s eighteen big praise, happy life, praise the party’s policy of benefiting. Three is the arrangement of the municipal news units do a good job of learning the spirit of the eighteen propaganda. The news media through television, radio, newspapers, Internet and other forms, vigorously promote the spirit of eighteen, new experiences and new practices to create publicity in the party members and cadres to study and implement the spirit of eighteen in the process of new style show new results come out, so that the spirit of the party’s eighteen people known to every family. Four is to create a social atmosphere. Timely arrangements for the various districts and counties in the important sections of the road overpass, the construction site hanging banners. In the street (town), community (Village) the top LED screen scrolling banners with all kinds of publicity columns, blackboard and LED big screen, shop door, taxi.


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