The next 3 years the most popular network projects

personally, I think the next 3 years will be very hot:

1, WeChat public number

2, industry segments


service companies

4, online open class

a, WeChat public number

public number is a very fun tool, open registration can be used directly, very convenient, the function and the PC website and mobile phone APP equally strong, the most critical is the public number has several hundred million users based on WeChat.

1, since the media


public platform (then a small individual, but also has its own brand), people from the media tools compared to today’s headlines to send articles need to review, not the text and other conditions, the public platform is relatively more free, more dominant.

mobile Internet is to share the economic era, since the essence of the media is to share, share is the fastest and most effective way to obtain the trust of others, sharing the more, the more harvest.

2, o2o business model

The traditional

PC network era, has the characteristics of geshandaniu, it is difficult to quickly obtain the trust of others, completely rely on the price to decide the outcome, leading businessmen in the price war, from small profits, to reduce the quality of products, now Taobao is the best example, suffer harm businesses, customers will make money in ma.

and now the era of mobile Internet, WeChat and the birth of the public platform, creating a o2o business model, so that the line and online channels perfect docking. Online has the characteristics of easy to find people, and the next line to facilitate the transaction, the use of the public platform will combine the two can greatly enhance the user experience, so that the entire business environment is no longer 2B.

3, public number service

regardless of the individual or team, and now more and more businesses are beginning to pay attention to the public number, the ground shop, the streets everywhere two-dimensional code. Some of them really understand the awakening, and some are blindly follow the trend, do not know how to operate, a large number of white, where there is pain points, where there is an opportunity to provide the following services for small white:

(1) public service number for

service number is more direct than the subscription number push information, more powerful, suitable for database marketing. Individuals can not apply for individual businesses can solve this pain point.

(2) public certification

, the name of the public certification as domain name registration certification, once unable to change, and others can not be repeated authentication, domain name with the past, now can be certified to some good name, a long time to sell out, valuable.

In addition,

can also help individuals without qualification certification number, huge market demand.

(3) public number development (hot)


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