Xining to further improve the level of diagnosis and treatment system, which is the first diagnosis

According to the classification of light, heavy, slow, acute and the difficulty of treatment, different levels of medical institutions bear the treatment of different diseases. Since the implementation of provincial grading system, and gradually formed a new medical order. In December 7th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal People’s government, in the implementation of this year "on further improving the diagnosis and classification system implementation opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") in Xining, to further improve the classification treatment system, a clear scope of diagnosis and treatment of medical institutions at all levels, to explore the implementation of grading treatment way by disease.

"opinion", the treatment scope, clear all levels of medical institutions in Xining City, the general treatment and referral service grassroots medical institutions to undertake hypertension and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory system disease, Tumor Rehabilitation, chronic kidney disease and other common disease. To provide the treatment, rehabilitation, nursing, review and follow up for the diagnosis of chronic disease. In the grassroots medical institutions to choose 50 kinds of diseases, to explore the implementation of the disease (Group) classification of diagnosis and treatment according to disease (Group) Medicare pay reform pilot.Medical institutions at the county level

three medical institutions in the severe and complicated disease diagnosis and treatment of radiation and leading role, established by the three hospitals in grassroots medical institutions specialists, general practitioners and nursing staff of the medical team, to patients with chronic diseases to carry out health management mechanism, guide the diagnosis of disease patients with stable chronic diseases, patients from three hospitals timely referral to primary health care institutions. Three hospitals to establish a sound referral green channel for referral and appointment of patients under the medical institutions to give priority to medical treatment and hospitalization. ;

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