The province’s urban housing security standards increased to 16 square meters per capita

after years of efforts to build the province’s urban housing security standards have been from the initial per capita 8 square meters, to improve the current per capita of 16 square meters.

since 2008, the province’s total construction of affordable housing and various types of shantytowns 340 thousand and 700 sets of housing (households), the implementation of various types of shantytowns 86 thousand and 400 (sets). Urban affordable housing has two main categories: one is that the rental housing, low-cost housing and public rental housing; two is the purchase of housing, economic applicable housing, and carried out in the areas of high house prices of commodity housing price. In addition, the implementation of the city, state-owned mining, forest, reclamation and other shantytowns to improve the housing conditions of residents. At present, the scope of urban housing security in our province has been extended from the urban low-income families to middle-income families with housing difficulties, new employment and migrant workers and other groups.


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