Xining municipal quality supervision departments in accordance with the law to ban the filling of ac

Qinghai news network April 16th, bureau of quality and technical supervision of Xining city law enforcement officers according to the masses, dealt with the illegal filling of acetylene dens, and seized 23 acetylene gas.

on the evening of 16, Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision of special equipment safety supervision department of the law enforcement officers received a report from the masses, said that people in Nanchuan road illegal filling of acetylene. Law enforcement officers after several twists and turns to find the public to reflect the inflatable dens, several people are busy in a hospital to fill the gas tank acetylene.

after the inspection, the acetylene filling point did not go through any formalities, and filling equipment simple, without any security, is a typical earthen inflatable black dens, such as improper operation, ready to explode. Law enforcement officers immediately to stop the filling behavior of the other party, and shall be 23 of the acetylene tanks and all filling equipment seized. (author: Long Tengfei)


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