The city of more than 2760 yuan into the construction of three

In April 15th, a reporter from the city held the "construction of news briefing was informed that at present, the municipal Party committee" key arrangement "in some key task deployment has formed a number of preliminary results.

on capital investment, finance has allocated funds more than 2760 yuan, of which, for the first time for the city’s 145 communities each year implementation of the service of the masses 4 million 250 thousand yuan of special funds (plus 10 million 250 thousand yuan, a total of 14 million 500 thousand yuan supporting districts); arrangements for rural operating funds 6 million 325 thousand yuan, 1 million 450 thousand yuan of funds for the community arrangement, operation the supervision committee members pay 1 million 960 thousand yuan subsidy, "old small village (community) Office Service Center 7 million 220 thousand yuan of special funds, rural (community) funds 2 million 200 thousand yuan, the work of Party building grass-roots party construction funds 3 million 450 thousand yuan, farmers and herdsmen Party training funds 250 thousand yuan, 480 thousand yuan of special funds for building the micro platform, just above the city the districts and units to the corresponding amount of funds will be greatly increased. In the administrative reform, adjust to cancel the decentralization of 229 administrative examination and approval, the municipal approval from 342 down to 130, examination and approval in the capital city of Northwest China at least, the construction project approval time shortened by nearly 200 working days to 44 working days; the first implementation of a negative list of industrial investment institutions and enterprises fee list system in the national capital city. First, enhance the ability, improve all levels specifically responsible for the "construction of staff thinking and understanding, to help them master the work path and method. Secondly, in the village two committees team members to establish Zuoban cadres management office, evaluation methods and mechanism, send 27 municipal cadres to the district (county) and municipal state-owned enterprises attachment, selected 25 district (county) Township and municipal state-owned enterprises level (middle) backbone and reserve cadres to the municipal level attachment organ. Vigorously implement the "cadres pier Miao plan", from the municipal authorities, the district authorities to send 10 to send 90 to two batches of dry part of our city rural (community) attachment. Send 2 cadres in Guoluo Maqin County, banma County testing exercise, enhance the comprehensive ability to serve the people.  

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