Province to establish emergency rescue fund to help the rescue difficult pilot work

to conscientiously implement the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of Finance on the relevant requirements to carry out emergency difficult pilot work, to promote the province emergency difficult work to achieve tangible results, in October 17th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department issued "on the issue of establishing emergency difficult Assistance Fund grant funds notice", issued 9 million yuan of subsidies to help Xining City area of the province’s 15 emergency difficult pilot areas to establish emergency difficult assistance fund. By helping to fund the flexibility and convenient role play, personalized strong, to give the government relief is still difficult family timely assistance to protect poor people through the crisis of survival, to prevent the impact of social moral and psychological bottom line events, promote social harmony and stability.

2014 years, the pilot areas in accordance with the Ministry of civil affairs and the provincial Civil Affairs Department on carrying out emergency difficult pilot work of the relevant requirements, increase the intensity of work, clear departmental responsibilities, establish and improve an acceptance, active discovery and rapid response mechanism, give full play to the temporary rescue and medical assistance to undertake emergency difficult subject the role of the system, focusing on the face of emergencies, accidental injury, serious illness and other special causes troubled life, family and other social assistance system is temporarily unable to cover or rescue is still difficult to give timely assistance, in the exploration of "emergency" difficult path, working mechanism and safeguard measures and achieved positive results. In the experimental work, innovate the work mechanism of the safe area of Eastern District of Xining city and East Sea city, established the first emergency difficult to apply for to enjoy helping fund the emergency difficult funding program, relief object, relief standard made clear, to help residents solve as pressing danger.

the next step, the provincial Civil Affairs Department will intensify efforts to guide the establishment of a comprehensive emergency rescue fund, to promote the emergency difficult work carried out in a comprehensive way to weave a dense network of people’s livelihood safety net.


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