The province’s insurance industry is committed to strengthening the construction of the rapid claims

in Xining city traffic congestion, recently, through the special coordination meeting, the insurance industry in our province and the relevant departments around the city of Xining, reached a consensus: "rule blocking Paul Chang" project to promote, to further accelerate the construction of Xining City, fast claims service center to improve the function, benefit people tamie.

Xining traffic accident claims service center was established nearly two years, played a certain role, due to the lack of publicity and other reasons, the center is currently on the edge of failure. According to the relevant requirements of leadership, especially the current traffic congestion in the urban area of Xining, the province of insurance and related departments: Center as an important part of rule blocking Paul Chang "project, to further intensify propaganda in driving a test subject, increase fast fast lose at the center topic, let all vehicle drivers understand, process and effect known as the center; the loss amount of unified, improve the processing center line; to stay the scene of the accident, not quickly removed the parties to increase the punishment; provincial insurance association from the person responsible for the center, increase the assessment efforts; strengthen regular communication mechanism, timely introduction of third square in the center, and constantly improve the center’s rules and regulations, so as to cure blocking Paul Chang engineering part of the fast claims service Heart to play a more effective role.

relevant departments suggested that all property insurance companies and industry associations to actively adapt to the new norm, unified thought, improve the working mechanism, strengthen the personnel allocation, the fast claims service center construction effort, willing to work hard, make it really become the people Huimin service window.


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