9 families with difficulties to get the golden autumn scholarship

days ago, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the 9 workers in difficulty of joy to the Federation of trade unions issued "the student" grants, to continue their studies solution as pressing danger for their children.

It is reported that

, to actively assist the Party committee and the government to solve the urban poor and migrant workers children to university difficult problem, to ensure that the difficulties workers in the city admitted to colleges and universities (migrant workers) children dropped out of school due to poverty, trade unions continue to carry out trade union "autumn student activities within the city. This activity as an important task of the municipal public security bureau Party committee, bureau of the trade unions "police warm heart", from the beginning of the first half of this year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Union will organize specialized personnel thoroughly research in the global scope, and actively contact the Municipal Federation of trade unions for recipients number. City Federation of trade unions funded the City Public Security Bureau 9 difficult workers to help their children continue to complete their studies. For a long time, the Municipal Public Security Bureau in Union City Federation of trade unions under the leadership, always adhere to the overall situation, based on the basic, combining a good job in the service, seek development in innovation; always put the police need as the first signal, to solve the difficulties and problems of the police as the first priority, efforts to play the role of a bridge between the trade union organization how do the police, warm heart, service to the people of the work, and strive to build a reliable political, professional, excellent style of public security team, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of harmonious Xining. Washington (reporter Wang Xiaofang)



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