More initiatives to facilitate separate two child application

After the implementation of the province, two separate child and cancel birth interval policy, the city health and Family Planning Commission to take a number of measures to actively promote the "separate two children" and the abolition of birth spacing policy in the smooth implementation of the city. Among them, for the "two child birth certificate of service" for the convenience of the masses, simplifying work processes, to clear facts but can not provide proof of the fertility situation of the applicant, by signing the "marriage commitment book" for "the two child birth certificate of service" for it; for the city’s own household population may entrust others to handle; on the part of the two separate child policy will couple fertility approval to open a "Easy Access", the priority for the examination and approval formalities. City Health Planning Commission on the implementation of rules in the development, combined with the actual city, in addition to simplify work processes, to further standardize the management of payment "service card" and women "two child birth certificate of service", "clear two separate child approval materials. Requirements of the county to do the filing of the approval of the work of the record, the establishment of a commitment to the birth of electronic library. Open service matters. The township (town, street) printed two separate child one-time inform approval, will be handled on the basis, conditions, procedures, time limit and need to submit all supporting public materials catalog and other information, so that people understand the content and process of service. And to the public policy advisory telephone, designated person to answer. The Commission also carried out promotional activities, personnel training, etc..  

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