The province’s health workers were national honorary title

National Health Jishengjitong recently selected 2013-2014 my favorite health Guardian "," the most beautiful in the grass – ten birth worker, people are satisfied with the health planning agencies "," excellent health workers". Among them, our province Golmud City Tanggula town hospitals, Haixi technical services of family planning in Dulan County guidance Station "people are satisfied with the health planning agency" honorary title, Haixi People’s Hospital of Tianjun Prefecture Ma Shiming, East Sea city safe family planning County CDC TB Control Institute Qin Yongwei and Xinghai County of Hainan Prefecture, Tan Zhen ye Yanlan won the "excellent health workers" honorary title. Our province won the advanced typical propaganda report excellent organization award. The Planning Commission’s support and guidance in the national health, the people’s daily, Chinese health education center, Chinese population health education center, China newspaper, newspaper population common to carry out the election campaign. Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission called on the province’s health quality of health workers to learn Ma Shiming, Qin Yongwei, ye Yanlan dedication and selfless dedication, called on the province’s health planning agencies to learn two advanced collective, to carry out the "merit yimanyi" activities, efforts to strengthen the medical ethics education, promote the industry style construction, efforts to improve the people to see a doctor medical experience, and constantly improve the service management level and the satisfaction of the masses, in the province health Jishengjitong advocating advanced learning advanced, striving to advanced thick atmosphere, enhance the overall image of social health.  

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